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9:00 AM - 9:30 AM - Opening keynote with QuickBooks leadership
Speaker: Chris Evans
Small business resilience, the macro trends affecting us all, and the hope we see within the Digital Economy.

Speakers: Chris Evans
9:30 AM - 9:45 AM - Quickbooks innovation spotlights
Speaker: Alicia Skubick
Discover the latest QuickBooks features that help you get paid fast and take greater control of your cash flow. 

Speaker: Viktoria Ruubel
See how new automation and smart integrations with QuickBooks Payroll save time and make it simple to take care of all your employees.

Speaker: J.B. Chaykowsky
Check out the latest QuickBooks features that keep you organised and ready for tax time. Calculate and prepare your Self Assessment and submit CIS and VAT directly to HMRC.

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM - Mainstage keynote
Speaker: Nick Williams
A look at the accounting professional landscape, and how QuickBooks can help you grow and scale your practice

Speakers: Nick Williams
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM - Breakout sessions
In this session, Carl Reader will share how businesses can take control of the current uncertainty. By adopting his Dream, Plan, Do, Review process from his newly released book, BOSS IT, he will share exactly how both new and established businesses can (re)start, (re)build and flourish throughout 2021 - regardless of what the world throws at them.

This session is suitable for all audiences.

Speakers: Carl Reader
Speakers: Sasha Pavelchuk, Paul Lodder, Lara Gilman, Ollie Maitland, Sonia Dorais, Rachel Woods
Join this session to hear from six of our partners (iwocaPay, Dext, PayPal, Capitalise.com, Chaser and Synder) who are really impacting our customers. Presenters will share how they solve your daily business challenges, how their products integrate with QuickBooks, and things you can look forward to as a customer. 

This session is suitable for all audiences.

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Breakout sessions
Experienced Accountant Eriona Bajrakurtaj will take you through steps to understand how technology can transform the way you run your business.  In this session, you will learn the following:

  • How the QuickBooks Online ecosystem can create efficiencies in your business
  • How to pivot your business to cope with this "new normal' long-term
  • How to make the most of your accountants expertise / knowledge.
This session is suitable for all audiences.

Join Paul Shrimpling to discover how you can make yourself invaluable to your clients and secure their loyalty to your firm.  Learn how to start using the two questions that will help your clients’ businesses prosper and the key skill that can transform your ability to look after them.

This session is best suited for accounting professionals.

Imagine a world where your invoices get paid when they’re due. No more late payments. No more chasing clients. Just money in the bank - keeping your cash, and your business, flowing. Too many businesses spend too much time and money on getting paid, and too little thinking about how they get paid. Join this session to find out how changing the way you get paid can make a huge difference to your cash flow, your costs and your well-being.

This session is suitable for all audiences.

Streamline your bookkeeping, use time saving features and keep track of your business with QuickBooks Online. Join this session to understand the basics on how software can make your life easier.

This session is suitable for all audiences.

Speakers: Katie Greet
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM - Mainstage keynote
Speaker: Mary Portas
Join Mary Portas in conversation with Alex Scott as she discusses the Kindness Economy and how businesses can best adapt to changing customer behaviors and consumer consciousness. 

Speakers: Mary Portas
1:45 PM - 2:45 PM - Breakout sessions
Speakers: Judith Dugdale, Eva Mrazikova
In this session, accounting professionals Eva Mrazikova and Judith Dugdale will answer the most common questions about how an accounting professional can help your business thrive.

This session is suitable for all audiences.

Speaker: James Ashford
In this illuminating talk for accounting professionals, James Ashford will delve into the reasons you think selling is bad and the reasons clients say no. You will be given a deep understanding of the psychology of selling, so you can serve your clients to an even greater level and get paid significantly more for it. 

You will leave this talk with the following:

  • Understanding your true fear about selling and how to overcome it
  • Knowing the main reason clients say no, and the two things you must do to remove their fears
  • The confidence to ask for more, even in these difficult times
Speakers: James Ashford
Speaker: Rosalyn Hodgson
This session is for accounting professionals with working knowledge of QuickBooks Online.

Attend this session to deepen your QuickBooks knowledge and learn the following:

  • How to access, run and customise reports
  • How to use the new reporting tools and functionality
  • How to send professional reports to your clients
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM - Breakout sessions
Speakers: Rob Burlison, Lilly Aaron, Martin McTague, Ketan Makwana
Join Rob Burlison, Intuit’s International Director for Corporate Affairs and a panel of experts as they unpack the budget announcement and what it means for businesses up and down the country. This will be an interactive session and you will have your chance to put your questions to the panel. 

This session is suitable for all audiences.

During uncertain times, it is important to understand how our bodies react. This talk covers what anxiety is, how it impacts our bodies and practical tips for finding calm for you and your teams.  Includes a breath work session.

This session is suitable for all audiences.

Pricing and getting paid needn’t be an awkward conversation. If you’re providing a valuable service, the last thing you should be worrying about is clients questioning your fees or failing to pay on time. This session will focus on how to guide your clients to a fair price, and the easy way you can guarantee your fee is paid on time. Register for the session to find out how to price with confidence and how to eliminate debtors entirely. You’ll leave with three key takeaways:

  • The 3-option pricing tool that will direct clients to your pricing sweet spot
  • How to guarantee payments from clients the moment they sign your engagement letter
  • The easy way to improve cash flow for you and your clients.
This session is best suited for accounting professionals.

Speakers: Alice Best
Speaker: Reza Hooda, FCA, CTA
Business owners need their accountants more than ever, and there has been a sea change in the way they find them.  This change represents a huge opportunity for you to position yourself as the go-to accountant for your target audience. In this session you will learn the following:

  • How to position yourself to find your ideal clients 
  • Why now is the biggest opportunity ever to grow your firm and how to take advantage 
  • How you can systemise your marketing to generate enquiries on auto pilot 
You will take away practical and proven steps to implement immediately in your firm to grow in 2021 and beyond.

This session is best suited for accounting professionals.

4:10 PM - 4:40 PM - ConnectFest
Find wonder, mystery and lots of magic as Andrew Evans of The Magic Patio brings his award-winning act to QuickBooks Connect.

Sit back and enjoy a variety of musical experiences provided by an innovative small business: RCRD Shop.

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